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RFA Throsk Details

It was controlled from the bridge, probably by a hydraulic system, no parts of which have survived into preservation. In the event of failure of the remote facility, it was necessary to have a standby arrangement local to the engine itself. This has survived and is the means whereby we operate the engine here in the museum.

The rudder is a representation for demonstration. In reality, it would have been bigger and of a different shape. It would have been in the water, below the stern, further down below the engine than we have here. Additionally, shock-absorbing springs would have been provided between the rudder quadrant and the rudder post.

After the ship was scrapped at Grays, Essex. C1982:

The owners were :-

J Newnham, near Chelmsford, Essex, c1982 - c1995

Then Dingles Steam Village in Devon c1995 - January 2012

The engine has been completely dismantled and re-built.

First steaming at the museum was 11th June 2014

(GCD July 2014)

Ship’s Steering Engine

Built in 1942 by Donkin & Co. Ltd., of Newcastle on Tyne

A two cylinder, inverted, vertical duplex engine. Driving the steering mechanism through worm and wheel gearing.

The engine is reputedly from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary shipTHROSK.

It was purchased by Markham Grange Steam Museum Association, along with a capstan engine from the same ship, and arrived at the museum on 28th January 2012.

The steering engine was mounted below deck at the stern of the ship, directly above the rudder.


Technical Details

Inverted vertical duplex engine

Donkin & Co., Newcastle on Tyne; 1942
No. 7484 on plate, and No. 8763 cylinder block


?? ins. Diameter

?? ins.

Slide valves, driven by eccentrics on crankshaft



Type of Engine:-

Builder & Year:-

Horse Power:-

Cylinder Sizes:-





Other Information:-

Because the engine bears two different numbers, we may assume that the ship (or maybe just the engine) was damaged at some time and that replacement parts came from a Donkin steering engine from another ship. No records have been located.

RFA 'Throsk' Details