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Links to other web sites.

Below are some links to other websites which may be of interest to you.
Since some steam enthusiasts are also model engineers, I have included some links to this topic.
Please contact me if you come across any links that don't work, or if you have a link that you would like to recommend.


Related Links.

Bancroft Mill Engine Trust - Main feature is the Bancroft Mill Engine, housed in its original building, built 1920 by William Roberts & Son, Nelson. A twin cylinder, cross compound, Corliss valve engine, having a 16ft. rope wheel. In its heyday produced around 600 IHP to drive 1250 cotton looms.

Ellenroad Engine House - 'Victoria and Alexandra', a twin-tandem, compound engine, housed in its original engine house, which was part of a large cotton ring-spinning mill.

International Stationary Steam Engine Society - A society dedicated to the preservation of stationary steam engines.

Kelham Island Museum - The Mighty River Don Steam Engine, a huge 12,000HP engine originally powered a steel rolling mill in Sheffield.

London Museum of Water & Steam, Brentford, Middlesex - (formally Kew Bridge) Houses nine pumping engines of various types and designs, including a 1846, 90ins Cornish beam engine, reputed to be the largest working beam engine in the world.

Northern Mill Engine Society - Details and pictures of the Society's extensive collection at Bolton.

Papplewick Pumping Station - Working examples of Victorian pumping engines. The main building houses two massive beam engines, built by James Watt & Co. of Soho Works.
Papplewick Pumping Station Trust now has its own website.

Ryhope Engine Museum, Sunderland - Two double-acting, rotative beam engines preserved in their original pumping house.

Stationary Steam Engine Websites Website - An extensive database of stationary steam engine websites worldwide, put together by Fred Crammond. At present there are listed around 400 sites from 28 diferent countries. Well worth a visit.

Steam Engines of the 18th Century - Descriptions, pictures and models of the very earliest steam engines, by David H Hulse.

Tees Cottage Pumping Station - A Victorian waterworks in Darlington (North East of England). It has two original pumping engines in full working order. One is a two-cylinder compound steam beam engine. The other is a two cylinder gas engine, both driving their original pumps.

Twyford Waterworks Trust - A working 1914 Hathorn Davey triple expansion, Corliss valve, steam engine in its original engine house. Also the oldest known working example of a 1916 Babcock Wilcox watertube boiler in its original boiler house.

Westonzoyland Pumping Station, Somerset - A collection of stationary steam engines, including an 1861 Easton & Amos pumping engine in its original engine house.


Model Engineering Clearing House - Contains most topics dealing with model engineering. Lost Model Directory. Book Store. Discussion Groups etc.

Southworth Engines (Bob Potter) - produce and supply a range of castings and drawings for model steam stationary engines. Their range includes: horizontal engines, boiler feed pumps, tapping tool, aluminium chequer plate, 'O' rings etc.

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