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Plenty & Son - Marine Engine (No. 2518)

A three cylinder, triple expansion engine, built in 1925, by Plenty & Son, Newbury, Berkshire.
It was originally installed in the River Thames Passenger Boat 'Queen of the Thames'.

In 1964 the engine was removed and put into storage, by the then owners - Salter Bros, Oxford.

In 2004 in came to Markham Grange Steam Museum on loan from Salter’s Steamers Ltd.

Since then it has been completely dismantled and assessed for wear and tear, during which time it was discovered that several parts had been mixed up, suggesting that some dismantling had been done previously.
It has now been carefully assembled and painted. Additional pipework has been fitted to allow water and steam, from the cylinder drains etc., to discharge outside the building into the drainage tank.

Steamed successfully in Dec 2009.


Technical Details

Three cylinder, inverted vertical, triple expansion

Plenty & Son, Newbury, Berkshire

High Pressure (HP) 6.5ins diameter
Intermediate Pressure (IP) 10.5ins. diameter
Low Pressure (LP) 16ins. Diameter

9 ins.

HP Piston valve - IP and LP Slide valve




Forward and astern controlled by hand-lever operated Howe-Stephenson Link.
Propeller thrust taken up by a three disc thrust bearing, operating on the crankshaft.
A boiler feed pump and a bilge pump, driven by common eccentric on the non-drive end of the crankshaft.

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