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May 2021

Wednesday 19th

Volunteers back in the Museum, after the lock-down, to assess the situation.

The Museum needed a general tidy up, with some of the engines having suffered during the shutdown, and required a bit of TLC before they were fit for display and steaming. This has been done.

Just before the second lock-down the Robey engine, driving the Thom pump, required  some maintenance. The Pickering governor was dismantled and overhauled and the engine itself has been given a new coat of paint and is looking quite nice. The drip feed oilers and the displacement lubricator have yet to be examined and refitted.

We had a trial run of the engines on Wednesday 26 May with no major problems.

With the exception of the Burton engine (steam leak), and the Robey/Thom Pump engine, all other engines are now capable of being steamed on Monday 31st May, which is Spring Bank Holiday.

It will be great to see and welcome visitors once more!!!

Monday 31st 2021

Open once more to the public. There was a steady flow of visitors for most of the day. The good weather brought out lost's of people to the garden centre.

After spending time in there, we usually get some of them wandering down to the museum to relax to the mesmerising motion and sound of the steam engines.

It was pleasing to see family groups with young children, who are always fascinated with the machinery. Quite a number like pulling the chord to set off the steam whistles. Hopefully, this will spark some interest, in steam engines, in later life - maybe future volunteers.

A big thank you for visiting. It’s makes our hard work worthwhile to see you enjoying our engines and pumps. Again your generous donations were most welcome, all of which goes to the running of the Museum.

August 2021

Sunday 1st

First Sunday of the month steaming.

The weather was good enough to temp people to go out somewhere. This resulted in many of them visiting the garden centre, which meant that our visitor numbers were quite good.

We steamed most of the engines, providing a good display for them to enjoy. It was encouraging to see many of them were family groups. One of the main attractions for the children was blowing the steam whistles, which caused great excitement.

An enjoyable day and well worth the effort.

Wednesday 25th

An unexpected electrical fault on the boiler prevented us from steaming on Bank Holiday Monday.

A huge disappointment for the last Bank Holiday steaming calendar.

It looks like the problem will not be solved before Sunday 5th September, which means we cannot steam and therefore will not be open. Our sincere apologies for this.

September 2021

More and more often we are finding that we cannot always rely on using steam from the nursery boiler. This may be due to maintenance or breakdowns. We have decided to explore the possibility of turning some of the smaller engines by electric motor. A prototype has been designed and construction has started. This will be fitted to the James Burton, single cylinder, horizontal engine. If this is successful others may follow.

The electrical fault on the boiler has not been resolved, which means we cannot steam for the next few weeks.

April 2022


Unfortunately, over a period of time, the site steam boiler has accumulated a number of (expensive) problems and so has been permanently taken out of service. Therefore, for an indefinite future, the museum will have no steam. Alternative means of achieving motion are being progressed.

Electric motor drive under construction.

A ½ Horse Power reduction gearbox will drive the car wheel (from Mini car) by two vee belts.

The unit will be mounted so that the car wheel is in contact with the engine flywheel, to turn the engine at approx. 30 revs per minute.