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S J White - Marine Engine (No.1239)

A two cylinder, inverted, vertical, compound marine engine built by J Samuel White in 1906.

It was originally installed in a 56ft steam pinnace attached to the 16,500 ton battleship HMS Agamemnon.

In 1924 the engine was installed into the Thames River Steamer called 'The Grand Duchess', which was owned by Salter Bros. of Oxford.

The engine is currently on loan from The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

Code No. EQS0110

The engine arrived at Markham Grange on 9th January 2002 in a fairly good state.
Work had started on it by Wednesday 23 January 2002. It was completely dismantled, examined and assessed for wear etc.
All bearings were adjusted, as necessary, to take up wear. New brass bushes made and fitted to piston rod glands and new pipe work fitted from the oil wick boxes to the main bearings and big ends etc.
Some adjustments were made to the valve port openings to overcome starting problems.

After rebuilding, it was successfully steamed at the museum on Wednesday 26 February 2004.


Technical Details

Type of Engine:-

Builder & Year:-

Horse Power:-

Cylinder Sizes:-





Other Information:-

Two cylinder, inverted vertical, compound engine

John Samuel White & Co, Engineers and Shipbuilders,
Cowes, Isle of White

237 IHP at 185 psi steam pressure

High Pressure (HP) is 8 ins diameter
Low Pressure (LP) is 16 ins diameter

8 ins.

The HP cylinder is controlled by a sliding piston valve
and the LP by a conventional slide valve.



There are two eccentrics per valve coupled to, hand operated,
Stephenson linkage, to control forward and astern direction.

Ahead rotation is clockwise when looking from the propeller end. At the forward end of the engine there are two ram pumps - a bilge pump and a boiler feed pump, driven by worm and wheel gearing.

The air pump is situated on the portside and is driven by beams from the HP cross-head.
The thrust of the propeller was taken by plain thrust discs, mounted next to the output coupling.
The propeller, which is fitted onto this coupling, is just for effect is not the original.


Details of Battleship HMS Agamemnon

Battleship HMS Agamemnon

Built by William Bearmore & Co. Ltd, Dalmuir,
Clydebank, Glasgow: Yard No. 484
Laid down 15th May 1905
Launched 23rd June 1906
Completed October 1908
16,500 ton displacement
435ft long
79.5ft beam
Withdrawn from service in 1920 and sold for scrap in 1927