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W Sisson - Marine Engine (No.2601)

A three cylinder, triple expansion engine built in 1927 by W Sisson & Co. Ltd, Gloucester.

Installed in the Thames River Steamer ‘Mapledurham’, which was owned by Salter Bros, Oxford.

The engine was removed from the boat in 1958/59, eventually going to The National Maritime Museum in 1972, where it was on static display for several years.

Arrived at Markham Grange on 9th January 2002.

The engine is currently on loan from The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

Code No. EQS0113

After careful dismantling and cleaning, restoration was soon started. Several new parts and some copper pipe work had to be made, to replace those that were either missing, damaged or worn out.

It was successfully steamed again in June 2002.


Technical Details

Three cylinder, inverted vertical, triple expansion engine

W Sisson & Co. Ltd, Engineers and Naval Architects, Gloucester

75 HP at 200 psi steam pressure

High Pressure (HP) is 6 ins. diameter
Intermediate Pressure (IP) is 8 ins. diameter
Low Pressure (LP) is 11 ins. diameter

8 ins.

All cylinders have piston valves



Forward and astern is controlled by hand operated,  Hackworth type, reversing valve gear

Type of Engine:-

Builder & Year:-

Horse Power:-

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