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Needham, Qualter, Hall & Co.

A horizontal, single cylinder engine built in 1874 by Needham, Qualter, Hall & Co., Railway Foundry, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

It was installed in the premises of Barnsley Brewery Co. Ltd.

The engine was probably only the third engine to be built there.

In a document, about the company's history, called 'A Handful of History', No.4 engine was ordered in November 1874, by Cortonwood Colliery Co. and at that time, Needham, Qualter, Hall & Co. were only producing around two engines per year.

Sometime after its working life in the Brewery, had come to an end, the engine found its way back to the maker's works before being loaned to the museum in June 2004.

The original engine had a flat belt drive pulley mounted between the flywheel and the outer bearing. The pulley has since been removed and the crankshaft shortened. One can only assume that, wherever it had been stored/displayed, space was at a premium.

The engine is currently on loan from Qualter, Hall & Co.

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Technical Details

A horizontal single cylinder engine with four bar cross-head guides.

Needham, Qualter, Hall & Co., Railway Foundry,
Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

12 ins diameter

24 ins.

Slide valve, driven by a single eccentric.

8 ft. diameter, six spokes, staked to the crankshaft.

A Pickering governor controls the speed,
driven by a flat belt from the crankshaft.


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