The engine as it was when installed in the brewery. The drive pulley can be clearly seen.

The piston out of the Needham,Qualter,Hall Engine showing the piston ring adjusting screws.

The unusual piston (but not uncommon in its day), which is fitted in the engine is probably not the original. According to the history document, for some reason, they did not fit this type of piston in their engines until around 1881, i.e. 7 years after the engine was built.

Drawing showing the piston ring adjustment. NOTE! this example has only three adjusting screws.

The two piston rings can be expanded, to take up wear, by means of four adjusting screws and wedges, which apply outward pressure via small coach springs. This type of piston was designed and patented in c1860 by George Bower, one of the founders of Qualter, Hall. Later, in 1862, an improved design was patented jointly with John Qualter. It was the design of this piston which provided a foundation for the company to be established, and soon after, rapidly expand.

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